NATO intelligence discovered Russian submarines in the Barents and North Seas

Russian submarines were watched during the launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Despite the fact that the Sineva and Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile launches became known from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation only after successfully hitting targets at the training grounds, it turned out that NATO had information about the whereabouts of Russian submarines at the time of launch.

According to the resource at its disposal, today afternoon, NATO military aircraft flew near submarine launch sites of intercontinental ballistic missiles in the Barents and North Seas. The flights were very long, and a similar situation was observed for several days in a row, which, obviously, may indicate the fact that they knew about the location of Russian submarines in the North Atlantic Alliance, but the time of missile launches was unknown.

Previously, NATO had already stated that modern equipment allows you to establish the location of Russian submarines with great accuracy, and later, Russian media reported that American planes often pursue Russian submarines following them on the same route .

How exactly the position of the Russian submarines Tula and Yuri Dolgoruky was established is still unknown.

On the Internet for several days they knew about launches, because they close the water area! According to the contract, the American informs both the launch place and time