US intelligence: Russia hides the explosion of the Petrel missile

The United States announced a failed attempt by Russia to launch a petrel missile with a nuclear power plant.

According to information released by representatives of American military intelligence, a mysterious explosion that occurred a few days ago at one of the military facilities of the Russian Navy is associated with a failed test of the latest cruise missile equipped with a nuclear power plant. We are talking about the SSC-X-9 "Skyfall" rocket, much better known under the Russian name - "Petrel" (9М730).

Representatives of the American military intelligence do not give any arguments in this favor, however, experts pay attention to that fact. what today is known only about one missile equipped with a nuclear power plant, which is the domestic "Petrel".

On the other hand, experts pay attention to that fact. that the explosion occurred on an offshore platform, although a cruise missile "Petrel" Designed primarily for launches from ground platforms.

At the same time, the resource had information that it was definitely not about using Zircon missiles, since the engine for this hypersonic missile was supposed to begin testing in the near future in the territory of the Perm Territory, as evidenced by the relevant information, presented on the government procurement website and published by the Telegram Gallifrey Technologies Community.

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