NATO reconnaissance aircraft are actively flying near the border of Finland and Russia

As part of the recent "Freezing Winds" exercises conducted by NATO countries, including on the territory of the new member of the alliance - Finland, there was increased activity of NATO aerial reconnaissance. The main scenario of the exercise concerned a potential blockade of the Baltic Sea in the event of a crisis in the region.

According to the exercise scenario, NATO’s strategic step could be to block shipping through the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland, which in turn will lead to the isolation of Russian ports and bases from the outside world. This move is seen as a more radical measure compared to the existing civil shipping in the Black Sea that facilitates trade.

This development could potentially have a serious impact on the Russian economy, given the importance of the Baltic Sea for international trade and logistics.

It is noted that the Freezing Winds exercises aroused attention and discussion, since the scenarios being tested directly relate to the strategic interests of Russia.


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