A US reconnaissance mission near Syria's borders was disrupted - it lasted only 6 minutes

The reconnaissance mission of the American military aircraft lasted only 6 minutes.

Tonight, the American military patrol anti-submarine aircraft Boeing P-8A Poseidon tried to conduct another mission near Russian military bases in Syria, replacing the Boeing RC-135U reconnaissance aircraft in this, as previously reported by the news agency Nevertheless, as it turned out, the mission of the American military aircraft became a record short - near the borders of Syrian airspace, the flight lasted only 6 minutes.

In the images presented, you can see the intelligence process near Russian military bases in Syria. As you can see, it took only 6 minutes from the moment the American military aircraft appeared near the borders of Syrian airspace to the completion of the mission.

According to experts, this may be due to some external influence. The most likely version is that the American military aircraft was simply intercepted by Russian fighters, or even Syrian fighters - the latter intensified their flights over the Arab Republic. No official statements on this matter have been received.

What exactly the US intelligence mission is connected with is unknown. Experts believe that this is due to the beginning of a military operation involving the forces of the SAA, Russia and Iran in Idlib.


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