Victor Chuyko


Development of domestic aircraft industry

March 11th. Viktor Chuiko, President of the Aviation Engine Building Union, shared his forecasts for the development of the Russian aircraft industry. According to Chuiko's statement, the crisis of civil aircraft industry continues in the country. This is due to the lack of permanent orders for aircraft. Accordingly, we cannot talk about the creation and development of new aircraft and engines.

At the moment, almost all aircraft that are in the sky of Russia, Western production. 

In addition, Chuiko said that there is a threat of suspension development of the industry is also due to the unstable situation in Ukraine. All Russian aircraft companies closely cooperate with many Ukrainian refineries... After the signing of the association of Ukraine with the EU, the aviation industry of the first party will cease to exist. This, in turn, will hurt Russian aircraft companies. Accordingly, this cannot be allowed.

Thus, it is now very important to continue cooperation with all partners of the CIS countries, which are very closely related in the aircraft industry. And the more parts will be produced at domestic factories, the more competitive the aircraft industry will be both in Russia and in all CIS countries. Now it is planned to throw all forces into production MS-21 aircraft. This liner should play a crucial role in the development of the industry of our country. 

Accordingly, it is now aircraft engine plant in Perm, seeks to create a cheap and high quality engine PD-14, which can be installed on the MS-21.


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