The deployment of the S-400 air defense system in Belarus is absolutely unprofitable for Russia from a military point of view

The appearance in Belarus of the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems will cause more problems than benefits.

Despite Belarus's interest in using the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems, experts have suggested that the deployment of Russian long-range air defense systems on the territory of a neighboring state may turn out to be an extremely unprofitable step from a military point of view, especially given the statements of the Belarusian military about readiness constantly scan the western airspace with Triumph radars.

As noted by the Avia.pro analyst, constant active scanning of the airspace can reveal a number of secrets of the operation of Russian long-range air defense systems, while NATO countries, including Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, will be able to constantly use their electronic reconnaissance equipment to identify the peculiarities of the operation of the complexes. not to mention attempts to interfere with the aim of identifying the weaknesses of the Triumphs.

“Russia may well defend the territory of Belarus, but the appearance of S-400 complexes in this country is completely unprofitable from a military point of view. NATO planes and drones will constantly be able to approach the borders of Belarus, and the deployment of electronic warfare, electronic warfare and electronic warfare systems will make it possible to study the secrets of Russian complexes ", - the analyst notes.

It should be noted that Belarus recognizes its interest in Russian S-400s, however, due to serious economic problems in the country, Minsk cannot afford such a purchase.

economic problems it is Russia did not give money "