Red Wings Airlines


"Red Wings" will receive 15 SSJ-100 aircraft from "GTLK"

Within the MAKS-2015 airshow, the "State Transport Leasing Company" and the air carrier "Red Wings»Agreed on the delivery of 15 SSJ-100 aircraft.

At the moment, the agreement for the delivery of 15 passenger airliners has already been signed by both parties, and the first aircraft under the existing contract will be delivered to the airline "Red Wings" as early as next year. According to news agency, the aircraft will be transferred to a Russian air carrier on the basis of operational leasing.

Currently, the park aircraft airline «Red Wings» is 4 passenger airliner SJS-100, Moreover, before the end of the year, will be transferred to another plane, and given the fact that the three aircraft will come under control "GTLK" in 2016 - 2017 years, the air carrier will get more 12 aircraft.

Given the large amount of leased aircraft, it is worth assuming that in the near future, the airline "Red Wings" will begin to actively develop its route direction.


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