US Scout plane


Record number of NATO warplanes attempted to storm Russian borders

At least 58 NATO planes and drones tried to storm the Russian borders.

According to official data from the Russian defense department, this week the aircraft of NATO countries set a record for attracting their combat and reconnaissance aircraft to fly near Russian borders.

According to the data presented, over the past week, 43 military aircraft, including combat ones, as well as 15 strategic unmanned aerial vehicles, performed provocative flights near the borders of the Russian Federation. It is known that there were no violations of the country's borders, however, the fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces at least twice took to the skies to identify, escort and intercept NATO military aircraft.

“The Russian Ministry of Defense informs that during the reporting week since last Friday, 58 foreign aircraft carried out reconnaissance activities near the air borders of Russia, 2 of which caused the greatest alarm among the air defense forces of our country, because of which its duty fighters still had to take off. ", - reports" Telegram "-channel" Operative Line ".

To date, this is a record number of foreign military aircraft seen near Russian borders, in particular, for comparison, last week the number was 45 (35 reconnaissance aircraft and 10 UAVs).