Yonhap: during the exercises of South Korea and the United States, one of the fired missiles fell on the border with the DPRK

A rocket accidentally fired by a fighter jet fell on the border with the DPRK and provoked a massive fire.

Military exercises hosted by the US and South Korea ended prematurely in failure. During missile launches, one of the ammunition fell at a South Korean military airbase, a few kilometers from the border with the DPRK, which provoked explosions and a massive fire. The incident happened so close to the border with the DPRK that the country's forces were put on full alert on the territory of this state. Information on this subject is provided by the South Korean news agency Yonhap.

“Residents in and around the eastern coastal city of Gangneung said they saw a bright flash and heard a loud roar, apparently while training around 2 a.m. Meanwhile, the military fired one Hyunmoo-XNUMX ballistic missile, but it fell within the base after an abnormal flight. The department noted that there were no casualties, but the exact causes of the incident are being investigated., according to the Yonhap news agency.

According to the news agency, this is an emergency situation with a tactical missile that was fired by a mobile launcher, however, due to a control system error, it fell on the territory of the air base.

To date, only serious material damage is known.


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