Russia's decisive actions to provoke the Japanese across the Kuril Islands

Russia toughly and decisively responded to Japan's provocation over the Kuril Islands.

The situation with Japan's outright attempts to annex the Russian islands of the Kuril ridge received a tough rebuff from Russia. According to experts, at the moment the situation is approaching its peak, the reason for which was the call to take the four islands of the Kuril ridge from Russia by force, if Russia does not intend to resolve this issue diplomatically.

“The situation with the Kuril Islands is starting to reach a boiling point, and it cannot make up its mind. And in the near future, the term of Abe Shinzo's office ends. It is not known what will happen to his future in the political sphere, without resolving this situation, but not everything is so simple, because both sides want to get the islands. There will be those who, at the height of the heat, will add oil to the fire. We do not know what the Prime Minister thinks about this. But we know that Russia was not long in coming and reacted sharply to all these events. Soon, the Russian Pacific Fleet came to the Sea of ​​Japan and began to practice training actions. Particularly harsh, exercises were carried out to eliminate enemy submarines. The Japanese did not allow themselves to interfere in these exercises, because they immediately realized that these actions had not just begun. Japanese military forces watched with extreme caution what the Russians were doing at sea. ", - about it сообщает AvtoParus.

Japan really prefers not to interfere in Russian military exercises, even if they are a potential danger, since any careless provocation can result in a very serious conflict, in which case the advantage will clearly be on the side of Russia.

Experts, in turn, draw attention to one very significant detail - Russia does not intend to negotiate the transfer of four islands to Japanese sovereignty until the Japanese side signs a peace treaty, and therefore, tension is created by Tokyo itself. Nevertheless, earlier the Russian side completely ruled out the transfer of its territories to Japan, even if Tokyo wants to conclude a peace treaty with Russia.

"The situation with Japan's outright attempts to annex the Russian islands of the Kuril ridge received a tough rebuff from Russia ..."

Some general article that does not fit with a loud-sounding headline: What forces are involved, where exactly, for what period, what actions of Japan were the reason, etc. etc. So, about nothing!

This refers to the two opposing factions within the Japanese parliament.

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The author did not understand - what does it mean "both sides want to get the islands", we do not need to get anything - they are ours, period!