Airline UTair


Saint Petersburg flights - Moscow, after hours of delay, it proved canceled

Airline «Utair» canceled flight from St. Petersburg to Moscow after many hours of delay.

According to the information of the news agency, passenger flight "UTair" airline, which was heading from St. Petersburg to Moscow, was initially detained for several hours and later canceled altogether. The reasons for this are unknown yet, however, according to some information, the culprit could be a technical fault of the aircraft, which, incidentally, has officially commented on this point was not.

It should be clarified that the airline subsequently offered its customers to exchange tickets, however, itself a delay on the part of the airline clearly gave its customers a lot of trouble.

Before you write this, you need to think a little. If this is a serious teh.neispravnost, it is clearly better to stay on the ground instead of flying. I did not expect from such an article Aviation portal.



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