Flights to Europe from Ekaterinburg opens "UTair".


Flights to Europe from Ekaterinburg opens "UTair".

December 18 2013. UTair Aviation Company It begins to carry passengers in the European countries (Germany, Greece, Slovakia and the Czech Republic) from Yekaterinburg with a connection in Moscow.

In Germany, ships fly to tourist cities - to Hannover and Dresden. Dresden occupies an advantageous geographical position, being at the same distance from Prague and Berlin.

Using the butt flights airline "UTair", passengers will be able to get to Bratislava (Slovakia), which is in 70 km from Vienna.

Also, passengers will have the opportunity to visit not only the Central and Eastern parts of Europe, but also the South. The company provides air transportation to Thessaloniki (Greece).

Very comfortable, you can immediately get into the three parts of Europe. Again-mail transportation ... Internet Internet and email and want to get. and parcel.