Rheinmetall: Production of German armored vehicles in Ukraine will begin in the summer

The German arms concern Rheinmetall Group plans to begin production of armored vehicles in Ukraine as early as 2024. This was stated by the company's CEO Armin Papperger in an interview with WirtschaftsWoche. Papperger expressed hope for the speedy conclusion of a contract with Ukraine for the construction of the Fuchs wheeled armored personnel carrier and the latest Lynx infantry fighting vehicle early next year.

According to the CEO, after signing the contract, the first all-wheel drive vehicle is planned to be manufactured in Ukraine in six to seven months, and the first Lynx in 12-13 months. Production of Fuchs armored personnel carriers is expected to begin in Ukraine by the end of the summer of 2024, and production of the Lynx infantry fighting vehicle could start in the summer of 2025. Papperger also clarified that the first ten Lynx armored vehicles are already being manufactured in Germany or Hungary as part of a joint project with Ukraine.

The CEO of Rheinmetall emphasized that the project is developing successfully, which is why such a short time to start production is possible. It is noted that Rheinmetall is already Ukraine’s largest partner in the military-industrial complex. In 2022, the company received orders worth approximately 900 million euros, and in 2023 the order volume grew to approximately two and a half billion euros. Papperger predicts orders will increase next year.

In addition, Ukraine has already established servicing of German armored vehicles, for which Ukrainian specialists were trained in Germany.


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