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Relatives of the passengers of the flight MH370 went in search of the plane crash site

Relatives of the passengers of the flight MH370 independently set out to find the plane wreckage.

As the Malaysian media, citizens were greatly angered by the lack of the actual search results wreck site of the passenger liner Boeing 777, vanished without a trace over the Indian Ocean, as a consequence, on their own went to Madagascar to search for possible traces of the disaster. Experts point out that for such a long period, three found aircraft wreckage exhibit extremely low effectiveness of the search and rescue operation, which also affected the nerves of dozens of people.

It should be clarified that the crash, which occurred with the flight MH370, is one of the most mysterious in the history of modern civil aviation

What other "mysterious"? Shot down while approaching the US military base.

US base on which to sit trained commander. Near Perth.
While behind the scenes for ... do not take the income statement, one truth will not appear.

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