Wreckage Airbus A321


Relatives of victims of the crash Airbus A321 want to sue the US company

Relatives of the victims of the plane crash in the Sinai Peninsula intend to file a lawsuit in the American court.

At the moment, information and news agency Avia.pro received information that the order of hundreds of relatives of victims of the plane crash that occurred to the passenger airliner Airbus A321 in Sinai are preparing a class action lawsuit in the US company ILFC, which is, in fact, is the owner of the crashed plane.

It is assumed that if the lawsuit against the American company is won, every relative of the victims of the crash of the airliner will receive about 1,5 million dollars, however, experts note the fact that, as it became known during the investigation, the aircraft was completely technically sound , and the essence of the issue on which US companies are making any demands remains unknown.