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Rogozin posted a photo of the US Secretary of Defense and a gorilla, and then tried to justify that this was not his account

Senator from the Zaporozhye region Dmitry Rogozin caused a stir on social networks by posting provocative photographs of US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin with a gorilla. Rogozin published two photographs: one of them was taken by Italian traveler Attilio Gatti and depicts a gorilla with pygmies in the Congo, and the second shows a meeting of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky with Lloyd Austin and Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umerov. Rogozin’s text accompanying the photographs read:

“Before his illness, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was very fond of taking pictures with pygmies.”

The situation is complicated by the fact that Rogozin claimed in his Telegram channel that he is not active on other social networks except Vkontakte and Telegram, despite the fact that his page in “X” (blocked in Russia) was confirmed back in 2015. However, later this entry was also deleted from his Telegram channel.

In the context of the health of the US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin was recently released from the hospital after being hospitalized with suspected bladder problems.

Rogozin’s publication caused a wide public reaction, and a large number of unkind comments were made towards the former head of Roscosmos.


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