Rojava Network: 20 missile attacks on Turkish military base in Syria

A Turkish military base in Syria has come under heavy attack.

As a result of the fact that 20 rockets were fired at the Turkish military base located in Afrin, the military facility of the Turkish army, which, among other things, housed Turkish-controlled militants, was seriously destroyed. At the same time, according to official figures, at least four Turkish soldiers were injured, although local sources report that at least six ambulances arrived at the site of the attack on Turkish troops.

It is known that the strike on the positions of the Turkish army was inflicted by Kurdish formations. According to the Kurdish publication "Rojava Network”, the strikes were carried out by unguided rockets from MLRS, while Russian sources report artillery mines being fired.

Experts note that due to the attack of the Kurdish formations, the risk that the Turkish army will switch to conducting a military operation in northern Syria has increased significantly. Moreover, according to the Directorate 4 Telegram channel, the Kurds also neglected the safety of the Russian military, whose positions were relatively close to Afrin, but there are no official statements on this from the Russian military command yet.