Romanov: Ukrainian Armed Forces are hitting Kremennaya with new cluster munitions

Ukrainian Armed Forces attack Kremennaya with new types of cluster munitions.

Despite the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to push back from Kreminna to a distance of almost 15 kilometers to the west, Ukrainian troops continued to inflict multiple strikes on the territory of the city, now using not only cannon artillery, but also new-type cluster munitions, as well as tactical missile weapons in the form OTRK "Point-U". This information was voiced by the Russian war correspondent Romanov.

According to a Russian military correspondent, strikes on Kremennaya are carried out almost non-stop, in addition, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have switched to a new type of ammunition that scatters anti-personnel mines, which complicates the process of advancing Russian troops.

“Ours are moving. Not just attack, but move. Forward. Successfully. Over the past three days we have gone forward 6 kilometers. Not without loss. At the same time, n.p. is still in the semicircle, the Armed Forces of Ukraine. From the actual - the Ukrainian Armed Forces have new cluster mines. Sowed according to the principle of petals. Saucer size. react to metal. Unlike petals, they give fragments. Self-liquidation period 72 hours"Romanov said.

The type of ammunition has not yet been established, however, among other things, the Armed Forces of Ukraine also actively use tactical missile weapons, as evidenced by the data of the Russian military correspondent, who showed the strike of such a missile on one of the boiler houses (presumably) of the city near Oktyabrskaya Street in the center of Kremennaya.


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