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Rosaviatsia canceled certificates of two Russian air carriers

Rosaviatsiya canceled the certificates of operators of Russian air carriers "Tomsk Avia" and "UTair-Express».

The current order was adopted due to the fact that domestic air carriers suspended their activity more than three months ago, and according to the rules and regulations, in this situation, airlines lose the right to carry out their activities.

Nevertheless, the specialists had some questions regarding the situation. If the Tomsk Avia air carrier's certificate was actually suspended more than 3 months ago (April 17, 2015 - revised edition), the UTair-Express operator's certificate was suspended only about one and a half months ago (June 5, 2015 - revised version). ed.), and it remains unknown why the Federal Air Transport Agency canceled it so quickly.

It is assumed that in the near future the situation on these Russian air carriers will become clearer.


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