airline Dobrolet


Rosaviation allowed airline "Dobrolet" to flights

20 May. The first and currently the only Russian low-cost carrier "Dobrolet”, Received permission from the Federal Air Transport Agency to fly.

Earlier it was assumed that the first flights Dobrolot would commence at the end of 2013, after which the date was postponed to the beginning of April, and only now, thanks to all the requirements met by Rosaviatsia, the Russian loukoster can make its first flights. Nevertheless, the representatives of the air carrier did not specify the specific date for the commencement of flights, however, since, as a matter of fact, it is necessary to understand only a few small formalities, it is possible to assume that this will take place, as it was previously planned, in June, that is, literally a month later.

It should be noted that in 2014, it is planned to connect with Moscow 9 regional centers of the Russian Federation, but by the 2016 planned to expand the sphere of influence of the airline to 26 different directions.