Russia has blocked the American submarine "USS New Mexico" at its borders

The American submarine "USS New Mexico" is blocked by Russian ships and submarines - it will not be allowed to approach Russian borders

The unexpected appearance of the USS New Mexico submarine near the Russian northern borders forced the Russian military to take swift action to block the American submarine. At the moment, an American submarine carrying Tomahawk cruise missiles remains in the territorial waters of Norway, since its approach to Russian borders is impossible due to the measures taken.

At the moment, the USS New Mexico submarine is only 400 kilometers from the Russian borders. This makes it possible to overcome this distance in less than a day, however, given the current cooling of relations between Russia and the United States, any attempts by an American nuclear submarine to Russian borders will not remain without consequences.

Russia constantly monitors the movement of foreign submarines, having operational data on their exact current position. In the event of attempts to approach Russian territorial waters, the submarine may simply be blocked in international waters, and attempts to enter Russian territorial waters will lead to the fact that the submarine is simply destroyed. Today, Russia is armed with electronic countermeasures that can easily disable the navigation systems of an American nuclear submarine or suppress communications with the command of the US Navy. In this region of the planet, this is extremely disastrous for the crew of the submarine, which will not only “go blind”, but also “deaf”.


In the Black Sea region, 11 km of water from the coast are ours and no 24 miles!

You saw a lot of our submarines near New York, 24 miles, or Florida

Not an article, but some kind of childhood dreams.

you worry about your American pensioners. Who are forbidden to spend cash dollars in the USA. Only credit cards.

This is BOD "Severomorsk"

What a fantasy. Everything is super for ours, but 24 nautical miles from the earth, this is the sea border beyond its borders, anyone can swim. I repeat from the EARTH. These are international laws.

So blocked or: "... the submarine may simply be blocked in international waters2?

This is already paranoia - the boat is 400 km away, and we have already blocked it. Cheers cheers .....

In the photo of the BOD "Severomorsk", under the USSR - "Simferopol" - my own box ...

It's good that they're still alive!

Don't worry about us, we live normally

it is blocked from approaching our borders. if she tries to get closer (thus violating the border), she will simply lose contact and control.

But it’s interesting who prevented them from launching into the territorial waters of Russia and forcing them to surface, and escort them to the Russian border port for inspection and arrest?

I agree one hundred percent

In the photo there is a piece of the old man BPK ,, KULAKOV ,,. And what is not new ,, KASATONOV ,,?

In the 70s, the US Navy nuclear submarines were problematic to detect, one option was to locate it during communication. And they got in touch very rarely and it lasted only 0,3 seconds. Is it really so simple now?

doesn't allow?

And also we blocked them in the Indian Ocean.

So where is my comment?

Unfortunately, in addition to the New Mexico, they don’t peck chickens at these submarines, all of which you get tired of blocking.

Now our pensioners will live better!

You can block not only a car or boat, but also their route. We block its approach to the coast of Russia, which is required to protect the border.

Blocking on the approaches to the border is optional. You can skip it, let it enter our waters, and then do with it as it deserves. I think that one such time will be enough to completely and permanently discourage the United States from committing provocations.

From the text of the article: "... the submarine may simply be blocked in international waters ...".
And THIS is an overkill!

400 km from Washington there are nuclear submarines of the Yasen type, but the amers do not know this

Is it possible to make sure that she never returns to her home port?

Will we sink?

It’s not clear here the word blocked, if you block the car, it won’t go anywhere, and that boat isn’t even near the border and can safely move in any direction except Russia, so what?