Russian Aerospace Forces strike


Russia is bombing Turkish jihadists - the next warning to Erdogan will be a "Caliber" strike and a sweep by Tu-22M3 bombers

Russia showed Erdogan its willingness to cleanse Syria of Turkish influence in a few days.

After Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan actually called the northwestern part of Syria a territory under the sovereignty of Ankara, Russia has demonstrated its readiness to break the Turkish stronghold that had been created for years in a few days. Large-scale bombing of areas with Turkish military and pro-Turkish jihadists.

“In essence, this is Vladimir Putin's frank political message to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Is it a challenge? Is it a provocation? No. This is a kind of "aimed blow", which you try to make the twisted sheet of iron straight again. Likewise, Putin is trying to get Erdogan back on a level track at a time when he demonstrates Napoleonic habits and ambitions. If you look at where Turkey is active now: Syria, Cyprus, Greece, Nagorno-Karabakh, you understand that these are all zones of Russian interests. Of course, you can look at it from a Turkish geopolitical perspective, and then you have to admit that Russian interests have literally surrounded Turkey, and with its aggressive actions it is trying to break through this ring. "- declare journalists of the Croatian edition "Advance".

Nevertheless, experts draw attention to the fact that, if necessary, Russia can repeat its "political messages", moreover, next time it will almost certainly be a strike with "Caliber" cruise missiles from a distance of several hundred kilometers, and if Ankara will try to continue to ignore such messages, then the Russian long-range Tu-22M3 bombers will take over, simply turning the positions of the Turkish and pro-Turkish forces into ruins in a few seconds.

“While Erdogan is heroic and threatens to return Crimea, Russia is demonstrating its readiness to destroy the forces of such an enemy, and such“ treatment ”of Ankara is quite effective. If Erdogan does not understand the hints, then "therapy" will have to be changed to tougher measures ", - the expert marks.

As Nurmagomedov said ... Allah is quick to calculate ... After 1915, the Ottoman Empire collapsed. Whether these were the curses of mothers and fathers, or the curses of a whole people, no one knows, but God, as Khabib correctly said, sees everything, does not miss anything and always rewards for what he did. So the higher Erdogan jumps, the harder he will hammer a nail into his people.