Russia threw attack helicopters against Syrian militants

Russian attack helicopters will strike at Syrian militants.

Today, at the disposal of the Avia.pro portal, information was received that Russia intends to use attack helicopters against the Syrian militants and terrorists of the Islamic State grouping (IGIL, a terrorist group whose activity is officially banned in Russia). Information about this appeared against the backdrop of how 4 percussion machines were seen on the T-8 Syrian military air base, including:

  • 3 helicopter Mi-8AMTSH;
  • 3 helicopter Mi-24;
  • 2 helicopter Ka-52.

There is no official confirmation of this, but according to military experts, the attack vehicles are to be used in a large-scale offensive operation in the south-west of Syria, which has already begun.

Initially, it was reported that a large number of fighters and bombers would be accepted in the operation (up to two dozen edits), but apparently the decision was reconsidered after Israel made claims about the flights of combat aircraft at its borders.

"Russian attack helicopters, which were seen on the Syrian military base T-4, have already perfectly proven themselves in Syria, bringing powerful blows on militants and terrorists, and, in fact, knocking them out of the occupied territory. These means of combat aviation are enough to ensure the advancement of government forces in the south-west direction ", - the expert Avia.pro marks.

It should be clarified that so far the forces of Russian military security services in the offensive operation in the south-west of Syria were not involved.