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Russia gives Turkey a military response for the downed Su-24 bomber

It became known about the military "response" of Turkey for the downed Russian fighter.

Against the background of the 6-year anniversary since the destruction of the Russian front-line bomber Su-24 by a Turkish fighter over Syria, it became known that in addition to a serious diplomatic response from Turkey, Russia also gave a military response. The latter, according to the popular blogger "Fighterbomber", does not appear officially anywhere, however, according to him, the data on this matter is true.

According to the Russian blogger, this is partially revealed by the recently released film "Sky", which reflects the events of that incident.

“Six years ago, on November 24, 2015, the Turks shot down a Su-24M front-line bomber of the Russian Air Force. There were three types of response: official from the authorities (bans, restrictions, embargo, and so on), unofficial military response, about which you will never find official information (but watch carefully the movie "Sky", there is a good cut with real footage, including and this answer). Well, the third answer was from the citizens of Russia, who rushed to the resorts of Turkey at the first opportunity "- Fighterbomber reports.

On the other hand, Turkey did not make any statements in this regard, which raises a number of doubts about the fact that there really was a military response from Russia for the downed bomber.

What was the answer? Explain the author. Have you made a movie? A C grade film for stupid children. There are no documentaries with a screwdriver!

Absolutely agree! There are enemies and traitors.

When will you understand?
Our enemies are not sitting in Turkish hotels, and not on Turkish beaches.
They sit in the Kremlin and AkSarai.
Ordinary citizens have nothing to share. The whole trouble is in our rulers and their ambitions.

For me and my family, after the downed plane, Turkish beaches are over, and they rightly say "enemies and enemies will remain" That's why I don't understand Erdog so much. But whoever has pride in their country will be remembered.

And these are questions not to Russia as a country, but to Russians as a nation. There is no need to announce anything, you just need to choose a different holiday option.

I, too, absolutely do not understand why the enemies (our primordial ones) should sell our advanced weapons ...

There are plenty of Jews in our country

is this an advertisement for the movie Heaven ?!

People like you will exchange their mother for a vacation in Turkey

Russia gave a serious military response ... Sold them the S-400 and even on credit .. ??? Civil response ... our tourists rushed there ... ??? Biblical answer-Hit on one cheek turn the other !?

Yes, exchanging combat aircraft for tomatoes is, of course, the crown of restraint and diplomacy. Not to mention the reputation.

an article that in response to the downed plane, the Russians rushed to Turkey, to fill it with dollars in gratitude !!

We went and we will go.