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Russia allows the destruction of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the event of an invasion of Donbass

In Russia, the Ukrainian Armed Forces were defeated in the event of an invasion of Donbass.

The tension created by Kiev in Donbass testifies to preparations for large-scale hostilities in this region, despite all the “soothing” statements of Ukraine, as indicated by the transfer of more than a hundred tanks here, the deployment of unmanned aerial vehicles near Kramatorsk, the deployment of rocket artillery weapons, etc. no less, according to the head of the Kiev Center for Political Research and Conflictology Mikhail Pogrebinsky, Russia will not stand aside and is guaranteed to arrange a complete defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in this direction.

“Any references to the possibility of the success of the“ Azerbaijani strategy ”in our case are generally frivolous. Any help from the “friends of Ukraine”, in principle, is not able to resist the guarantees of preventing a military victory over Donbass, publicly and repeatedly formulated by Vladimir Putin. Moreover, in a form that allows a full-scale defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with all the ensuing consequences, up to the loss of the Ukrainian ", - said Pogrebinsky in his article.

Analysts, in turn, believe that Russia is unlikely to intervene in this conflict if Kiev itself does not involve Moscow in this matter, for example, through provocations or shelling of the territory of the Russian Federation, even if they are accidental. Nevertheless, if a worst-case scenario for Ukraine occurs, it is logical to assume that the country will lose more of its territory, which, obviously, is holding Kiev back from rash actions.