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Russia urgently deployed MiG-29 fighter jets to Tiyas airbase

The Russian Aerospace Forces are deploying their fighter jets to the Tiyas air base.

A few hours ago, Syrian sources reported that the Russian military had begun an emergency transfer of a group of fighters from the Khmeimim airbase to the Tiyas air base. We are talking about combat aircraft MiG-29. At the same time, if it was originally assumed that the transfer of fighters to the region could be associated with the escape of several thousand terrorists of the "Islamic State" (a terrorist group banned in Russia - ed. note), then at the moment it is known that this is due to the need to patrol the area in the central and eastern part of Syria, where, probably, Russian combat aircraft can be used either against the same terrorists Islamic State, or (which is no less likely) against the so-called international coalition.

According to Russian sources, MiG-29 fighters will be used to patrol the areas of the Palmyra-Abu-Kemal and Palmyra-Deir ez-Zor highways, however, it is quite remarkable that, judging by the latest data, the Russian Aerospace Forces are armed with Syria did not have MiG-29 fighters, which does not exclude the transfer of additional combat aircraft to the Arab Republic.

A few months ago, the Russian military, judging by information from Syrian sources, left the Tiyas air base, where Iranian forces were subsequently stationed, however, it is likely that Russia has now resumed its presence here, placing, among other things, fighter aircraft.

Are you talking about Donbass?

how many ready to deploy a new MV flew there and who will return to their father's house in the form of a funeral flew there?

This is for Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey and others. things are getting serious. In addition, it is necessary to disperse to other air bases.

will drive f22

Are they going to drive Mujahideen on planes?