"Pantsir-C1" and "Thor"


Russia urgently transferred Pantsir-C1 and Tor air defense systems to Donbass

Russian SAM "Pantsir-S1" and "Tor" have been spotted in Donbass.

Against the background of the aggravation of the situation in Donbass and the statements of the Armed Forces of Ukraine about its readiness to use combat aviation and attack unmanned aerial vehicles in Donbass, it became known that Russian Pantsir-C1 and Tor complexes suddenly appeared in Donbass, which are in service with Donetsk and The Luhansk People's Republics never consisted. According to preliminary data, the complexes were deployed by the Russian military as military aid.

According to the deputy head of the parliamentary committee for national security, defense and intelligence of Ukraine Yuri Mysyagin, Russian air defense systems "Tor" and "Pantsir" are located in the Donbas. The latter were discovered as part of a reconnaissance flight of the Turkish attack and reconnaissance UAV Bayraktar TB2, although there is also information that the positions of "Pantsir" and "Tora" were identified by the Ukrainian automated passive radio-technical reconnaissance station "Kolchuga".

It should be noted that the self-proclaimed LPR and DPR do not comment on this data, however, earlier the Russian side announced its readiness to provide Donbass with protection in the event of an attack from the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

And a submarine surfaced in the center of Donetsk ...
Did the Bayraktar strike UAV fly by !? he's a percussion ... or not? funny, is not it?
And it would not have flown quietly over the shell, it would have been destroyed. In Libya, shells were destroyed by Bayraktar in batches. To be precise, 47 were destroyed.

And who is not embarrassed that our military equipment (and naturally the operators) ended up on the territory of another independent state? Isn't this an unambiguous declaration of war? I wonder what the reaction was in Russia, say, in 2000. in Chechnya, would US anti-aircraft complexes with crews appear on the side of the militants?

It seems to me alone that the Carapace is in a desert color, and the soil is NOT BLACK?

I think they are on the territory of the Rostov region ...
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