Russia is ready to mobilize troops of 350 thousand people against Ukraine

Russia is ready to send an army of 350 thousand people into battle in Ukraine.

US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nulan said that the United States has information that despite the talks between the presidents of Russia and the United States, the Russian side is ready to throw about 100 battalion tactical groups into battle against Ukraine. At the moment, there are 50 battalion-tactical groups numbering about 175 thousand servicemen near the Ukrainian border, however, if necessary, within a few days, this composition can be doubled - these are practically all Russian units located in military units and formations to the Urals.

According to representatives of the White House, at the moment Washington has very serious suspicions that Russian troops are on high alert - if an order is received, the Russian military is supposedly ready to start moving into the territory of Ukraine. Nevertheless, Russia's interest in the Ukrainian territory is practically zero, however, in the event of a threat to Russian citizens in Donbass, Russian units will be ready to send their troops into the region, regardless of the position of the West.

“If we are talking about protecting Russian citizens, then the West will not be able to stop Russia. At the moment, the situation can still be resolved through diplomacy, however, the deployment of an army of 175 thousand people does not mean that Russia is trying to put pressure on Ukraine and the West "... - the specialist notes.

I see in the photo obsolete Soviet scrap metal, which should have been sent for melting 20 years ago together with our government.

And unas in Russia, and so some photoshop must be put dust in the eyes of the enemy, especially their citizens, there the soldiers look like the Chinese somewhere they stole a photo, they stuck to this picture, let them supposedly think that we are cool and mighty. , there are still tanks of the last century, and the toad of the year before last, not tanks. And with this junk, rush was going to kick Ukraine in the face quickly and painfully without mixing it up, and I'm already laughing at the bullshit.

The Rashin army is incapable of quick and painful, rush to fight must still be learned with intelligence and tactics. And then, throughout their very long history, they fought only in numbers and unceremoniously, it was clearly shown by World War 2, 36 million for a victory, an expensive price. This means that our generals and marshals were not very well prepared for real battles with the enemy. Therefore, they fought with the enemy in numbers, not skill. And if something was not received, then immediately penal companies or battalions.

Don't make me laugh Dimulya the Rashi allegedly have long-range missiles of the Bulava type, which fly in the wrong place. This racket will fly exactly where it is "pointed".

Russia should declare in the media that negotiations are underway with Novorossiya on aid in the amount of 6-8 units. "Solntsepёkov", which will clean the gray zone from the APU. Such a warning will greatly affect the morale of the warriors of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with provocations in the gray zone. No one wants to become fried ...

"Calm down, my heart!" According to American intelligence, there are only 90 thousand there. And where did another 260 thousand come from. The women gave birth to?

Vladimir, I have worked my way and, by the way, I also served in the army.

Capture Ukraine so that our soldiers have to maintain order and security on their territory and receive bullets in the back in gratitude? No thanks. The goal of Russia is only one - to ensure the safety of Russian citizens living in the Donbass. The troops on the border are deployed with only one purpose - to deter the Armed Forces of Ukraine from attacking the DPR and LPR. Now the Armed Forces will be forced to either cover the threatened directions (and then there will simply not be enough forces to attack the DPR and LPR), or still attack and guaranteed to receive a blow from the Russian troops from undisguised directions as part of the peace enforcement operation. The result of this will be the encirclement and destruction of Ukrainian troops in the Donbass by the superior forces of the armies of Russia, DPR and LPR.

Well, listening to Victoria Nulan is not respecting yourself, it's been clear for a long time! But informing the United States about the "high degree of combat readiness of the Russian troops" is correct and unambiguous! Instead of hysterics in the Western media, Russia simply clenched its fist ... And no matter how the United States tried to impose the tale of the "attack on Ukraine", everyone understands that if Kiev itself risks solving its Civil War by force again, it will get this fist right away! It will hurt a lot, but quickly ...

plus to 350 thousand another 20 million Russian Little Russia will be put under arms

This is not pressure, this is a warning.
About the possible pressure.)))

Great news, as always on AVI.PRO. I just didn't understand the specialist's phrase: "The deployment of an army of 175 thousand people does not mean at all that Russia is trying to put pressure on Ukraine and the West." Asking a specialist to explain what does it mean to deploy an army, and not volunteers with brooms?

They come up with some kind of regime)
Cargo 200.
Firstly, everyone has it, and it happens in any conflicts.
Secondly, if there is an input, there are several areas near okroshka

I look GB super analyst. better go work

Never say never. Cargoes of two hundred every day from the army come even in peacetime. Georgia 2008 is a good example. You just need to provoke a little.

Cadet Bigler, do you play football?

Looks like some photoshop! Shilka seems to be repeating itself with a man from time to time, KAMAZ with KAMAZ is also BMD, etc.

Now, if there is a war, Shoigu will leave a soldier? Don't be funny)) there are long-range missiles for modern warfare.

This will never happen, the first 200 cargo will mean the end of the Putin regime, he knows this very well.



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