Russia ready to respond to expected this week Israeli F-35 attack on Syria

Russia will not leave aside the F-35 aggression against Syria.

Preparing strikes by Israeli F-35 fighters on Syria from the Golan Heights will not be left unanswered by the Russian military. According to analysts, direct aggression of the Russian military against Israeli combat aircraft is excluded, provided that the latter do not pose a threat to the Russian military, however, in the framework of interaction with official Damascus, Russian S-300 complexes integrated with the Syrian S-400s may well allow anti-aircraft missiles to be aimed directly at fifth generation fighters.

Until now, the Israeli side has never officially used its fifth generation fighters in Syria, however, after the appearance of five Israeli F-50 combat aircraft at once 35 kilometers from the Syrian border, there was evidence that the next strikes on the Arab republic will be delivered by these very by airplanes.

Given the fact that the S-400 systems deployed in Syria can record the rise of Israeli combat aircraft into the air, the Russian military may well activate electronic suppression, creating obstacles not only to the flight of the missiles fired, but also to the fighters themselves, which are simply deprived without satellite communication its manufacturability.

“If the 40-year-old S-300 SAA hits a fifth generation fighter, it will be a powerful blow to the reputation of American combat aircraft and the security of Israel and NATO countries. Russia definitely has an interest in this ", - the analyst notes.

If a 40-year-old S-300 SAA hits ... If ...

How we love to brag. In words we can all, but in deeds, alas.

Can not.
Russia is trying to give the impression of a superpower. It cannot produce anything else. Well, at last, scary cartoons

Do you think Russia will not be able to put Israel in its place. There is Israel for a good woman to sit down and airfields there once or twice. They will strike a good blow at the airfields, they will not understand the pumping stations for water, and that's it, Israel has dried up.

Under Trump, this was not necessary, because economic sanctions worked worse than bombs. It's too early under Biden. Rhetoric is rhetoric, but what he will actually do with Iran is not clear

Why is Israel not bombing Iran? Explain.

I agree. Silly article. Now, if you succeed in knocking down, and if not. What then? Get back. The Russian side will never agree to this. Russia and Israel have common interests. So that there are no Iranians in Syria.

The S-400s will not be able to participate there in any way if they fly low. Far from Khmeimim to Israel. The curvature of the Earth, plus the hills blocking the radar's view, you know. Silly article. There is no need to be afraid of an agreement)))

But what about the agreement on the betrayal of the VVP allies with Natanyahu. It looks like it's just a fake.

As it was before, so it will be. Fly Israel wherever you want.

Keyword if ........

I will argue with my beloved in the comments that in a few days or weeks Israel will strike again and laurels will justify themselves and say that Israel does not inform us about its attacks in advance))

well done, you can perform in the circus, reading the minds of the audience. You will earn more.