Russia is ready to strike Turkish troops in Syria in the event of the use of Turkish air defense in Idlib against the Aerospace Forces

Russia is ready to quickly strike at Turkish troops in Syria in the event of the slightest threat to Russian aircraft.

Against the background of the appearance in the Syrian province of Idlib of several Turkish MIM-23 Hawk anti-aircraft missile systems and the creation of a threat to Russian combat aircraft carrying out attacks on terrorist groups and Turkish mercenaries, it became known that in the event of the slightest threat to the Russian Aerospace Forces, the Russian side ready to quickly strike at Turkish forces and air defense areas, which, among other things, were allegedly transferred to Turkish-controlled jihadists.

At the moment, some doubts have been expressed regarding the fact that the MIM-23 Hawk air defense system of the Turkish Armed Forces is indeed deployed in Idlib, however, according to Konstantin Sivkov, if the threat to Russia does follow, the strikes will not be long in coming.

“The MiM-23 will pose a direct threat to the Russian military in Syria. The complex operates at high altitudes and poses a threat to all aircraft. Anyone, even a civilian plane, can be easily shot down by terrorists. Flights will become dangerous up to the need to close the airspace. We'll have to take measures to suppress it. MiM-23 will actually change the balance of power in favor of terrorists ", - said Konstantin Sivkov.

On the other hand, earlier, the Turkish MIM-23 Hawk air defense systems could not establish themselves in Libya, since the MiG-29 fighters at least twice destroyed the positions of the Turkish air defense systems at one of the captured military bases, suppressing the complexes with electronic warfare and delivering accurate strikes.

We sold C = 400 to Turkey, so as not to shoot at us.

Ha! "To promise is not to marry." Anglam was also threatened near Crimea. Passed calmly and without problems :)

I would like to believe, but I am afraid that Russia will again be satisfied with simple apologies.