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Russia is preparing a large-scale attack with 40 cruise missiles on Syria from the waters of the Black Sea

Russian submarines are preparing to launch a large-scale missile strike on Syrian territory from the Black Sea.

Russia is preparing to launch a large-scale missile strike with Kalibr cruise missiles from the Black Sea across Syria. As follows from the data presented, it is planned to strike as part of the military operation of the Russian military in the north and north-west of the Arab republic, where at the moment there are several dozen jihadists supported by Ankara.

According to the data provided by the information publication Sohu, at the moment three Russian large landing ships are following to the shores of Syria, which are likely to ensure the readiness of a military operation in the northwestern part of Syria, while six Russian diesel-electric submarines located in the Black Sea boats will take part in the strike, obviously through Turkish airspace, in case Ankara wants to intervene.

Experts draw attention to the fact that today there are several more warships and submarines of the Russian Navy off the coast of Syria, and therefore, instead of 40 cruise missiles, about a hundred cruise missiles can be fired across Syria, which, given the high the accuracy of the latter makes it possible to successfully defeat the forces of the militants, and the evacuation of local residents from Idlib, begun by the Russian and Syrian military, confirms the plans for a powerful offensive by the Russian and Syrian armies.

Have a snack ...

The author is probably in the General Staff.

If they write about this. The Russian Federation is not preparing anything.

Bread, potatoes, onions, meat, pasta and everything will fly away ...

Yeah, and the Turks will still escort them in their airspace so that they can fly without problems, and fell on the heads of the Turks from Syria ..... !!! Bredyatina .... !!!

And who leaked this information - about a 40-missile strike on Syria, and even through Turkey? It turns out that ours should ask the Turks - can we hit your troops
through your territory .. ha ha ha .. looks like another bike ..

Yes, the west is about 20 years behind.

defended, defended ... and now missiles ???

Of course they will fall to the right place.

Lacking a real technological advantage, when standing in 20 years, there is a real chance to intimidate the enemy with a club. Completely FOR!

It is high time. Nuclear missiles.

Expensive 40 rockets for bormaleev. Info is different: 3 BKDs, accompanied by 1 corvette of the Baltic Fleet, go to the Black Sea, where they urgently recalled and all Varshavyanka not for exercises, but against the background of Ukr-NATO exercises. Moreover, there are 2 NATO frigates in the Black Sea.

Warning to NATO and US navies in the Black Sea, Turkey, and Ukraine ...

Why laugh then? APU so APU

20% will probably only fly, the rest will fall

You need to understand that cruise missiles can be launched from ships in the Black Sea and they will fly over Turkish territory only at an altitude of, say, 15-20 km (Turkey cannot prevent this)

Why should they fly over Turkey, and not go around it ..

The missiles will not fly through Turkey. Why write this lie.

Write to the point!

Eh, writers, you should look at the date)))

Most likely, a strike is being prepared against the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the event of an attack on Donbass.

A dozen jihadist groups.

Aren't there many hundreds of missiles against a dozen jihadists ??

For ten terrorists, 40 ... 100 missiles are not cool. Maybe simple bombs are cheaper? Another gossip.

As much as 40 KR! Cool.

from this I laughed ... this is specifically so that the Turks and their NATO colleagues worked out intercepting these missiles ... over Turkey ... and if something goes wrong and the missiles hit targets on the territory of Turkey, then a response will arrive in Crimea .. .or immediately after Putin's dacha ???

I'm not sure that the Turks will open the skies for the Kremlin's missiles, but in general, this is a good idea and news



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