Naval base Tartus


Russia will massively strengthen the naval base in Syria

Syrian media reported the beginning of a grand expansion of the Russian naval base in Tartus.

The Syrian news outlet Step News reports that Russia has begun a grandiose increase in its fleet presence at the Russian naval base in Tartus, Syria. According to the data presented, the number of warships that Russia intends to maintain here may increase significantly, while the appearance of a floating dock will become insurance against Turkey, which is preparing to close the Bosphorus, while the appearance of large warships and submarines is also possible here.

“The Russian military-industrial complex is seeking to expand the Russian naval base on the Mediterranean coast in the western Syrian city of Tartus. A source in the Russian military-industrial complex said that the Russian military department is expanding the technical capabilities of the naval base in the port of Tartus, making it easier to repair ships and submarines. The construction of the floating pier will be completed and delivered to the Russian naval base in Tartus in 2022, the Russian news agency reported, noting, however, that there are no confirmed sources of information on this topic. ", - said in the message of the Syrian edition "Step News".

Experts note that one of the key reasons for expanding the capabilities of the Russian naval base in Syria is the likely deterioration of relations with Turkey, which at any time can close the Bosphorus to Russian warships and submarines, especially since NATO countries have openly declared their readiness to block the Russian military - a naval base.


Great to contain turkey and israel

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The bottom of the naval base is already deepened by several meters so that large ships and nuclear submarines can enter