Hitting the ship


Russia and China defeated the British fleet within 24 days

Russia and China, within the framework of joint exercises, left Britain without a fleet in 24 hours.

The complex military exercises of Russia and China turned out to be much larger and were not limited to just one region. According to analysts, the recent raid of a pair of Russian long-range Tu-142 anti-submarine aircraft on the UK and large-scale missile strikes by the PRC forces in the area in which the British carrier strike group was supposed to operate are part of an exercise in which the Royal Navy of Great Britain was completely destroyed.

Earlier, the news agency Avia.pro reported that a pair of Russian long-range Tu-142 anti-submarine aircraft made an unexpected raid on the UK, during which it is likely that they were practicing the destruction of British warships in the region. At the same time, it was reported that China also carried out a military operation to destroy the British fleet near its borders. Apparently, in just 24 hours, the Royal Navy of Great Britain ceased to exist.

Analysts believe that the actions of Russia and China could be a response to London's challenge. At the same time, experts note that if it were really about an armed conflict, the British fleet simply could not defend itself, since the attacks of Chinese missile systems, together with the unexpected appearance of Russian long-range anti-submarine aircraft, would not allow London to take any measures in a timely manner.

You really decide, 24 hours or 24 days.

So 24 hours or 24 days? Are you confused in time, probably a fake?

Just fake "news" sucked out of the finger by so-called analysts ...

Showed the Brits their place! Well done !!!
No fleet, no conscience ... only they can do dirty tricks.

PS in 24 days Russia the whole world in dust)))

Whether they would have defeated, but would be in the way. Why is "WO" regularly missing from your headlines?

So days or hours?

I can believe about China, but I don’t believe that Putin will raise his hand against England. Almost all of the gold and foreign exchange reserves Putin and his entourage transported to London, which does not betray criminals.

Maybe, on the contrary, the British fleet will leave in 24 hours without a fleet?



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