Russia and Syria begin assault on Turkish positions in Idlib - Turkey was given a week to retreat

Turkey was given a week to withdraw its troops - the assault on Idlib will begin at the end of September.

Turkish troops have been warned about the need to leave the territory of the Syrian province of Idlib, since by the end of this month the Syrian army and Russian troops begin a large-scale assault on the territory of this Syrian province. The previously announced data that an unspoken ultimatum was announced to Turkey has now been confirmed by the Syrian military. Although a number of Syrian units report that it is planned to storm a part of Idlib up to the M-4 highway, with the aim of the subsequent transfer of the latter under the control of the Russian army and the Syrian military, according to other sources in the Syrian troops, a subsequent assault on Idlib itself, which is the capital of the Syrian province of the same name.

Over the past XNUMX hours, Syrian troops have unleashed dozens of artillery strikes on terrorist fortifications in Idlib, while Russia is also actively bombing terrorist positions in mountainous areas, forcing the latter to evacuate to northern Idlib. This can ensure virtually unhindered capture of the specified region of Syria under the control of the Syrian army.

It is known that the key Syrian units located in the de-escalation zone are already on full alert, apparently expecting a counterattack from the Turkish army and terrorists.

It should be noted that, unlike the Syrian military, the Russian side has not yet commented on such information.

A virus has already been found in tomatoes ... So negotiations will be difficult ... Or Idlib or S-400 ...

What a high conceit of some and other commentators, ready for war. Didn't think about living together on the ground. Whoever wants war will always get it.

Crazy news, bayraktars will unroll these cans in a couple of hours, they won't reach the front line. And in the news they will not say anything about it.

The fact of the matter is that there has been no joint patrolling for a long time, and most importantly, it is shootable, impenetrable for transport, which was the fundamental agreement with Turkey.

take Idlib - a matter of 3 hours

So Erdoganish in vain thought that Crimea is not ours, now Idlib is also ours.

Nobody has been trying to take this M-4 highway for a year now, there, by agreement with Turkey, joint patrols are taking place.

If these nomads are not pointed out in time to their place, then do not expect any good from them. Russia should not allow the Turks to behave this way in the region.

They have been trying to take control of this M4 highway for a year already. It doesn't work out. maybe this time ...

We are waiting for the end of September and the Turkish army

And they write that Osman is going to Moscow .... :)
Change S-400 for tomatoes ...