Russia has tested the Burevestnik cruise missile with a nuclear reactor on the Novaya Zemlya archipelago

The first satellite images of tests of the newest Russian cruise missile have appeared.

The unique Russian cruise missile Burevestnik, equipped with a nuclear power plant, has again passed a series of tests. In order to conceal the results of the secret launches, the launcher was moved to the Novaya Zemlya archipelago, and, apparently, at least one of the test launches has already taken place.

At the test complex, located on the Novaya Zemlya archipelago, work is being actively carried out, in particular, in just a month the situation here has changed dramatically.

“New satellite images obtained by CNN indicate that Russia is preparing to resume test flights of its nuclear-powered cruise missile at a previously dismantled launch site near the Arctic Circle, according to experts who analyzed the photographs. Images taken by Planet Labs in September show high levels of activity at a site known as Pankovo, which was previously used by Russia to test its Burevestnik cruise missile, according to Michael Duitzman and Jeffrey Lewis, researchers at the Middlebury Institute, Russia. appears to have suspended rocket testing after 2018, when the launch pad was dismantled, but "new satellite photos show that the pause is over," they added., - about it сообщает CNN

It is noteworthy that the attempt to transfer the cruise missile test complex from the Burevestnik nuclear power plant may be associated not only with an attempt to hide the tests from neighboring Finland and Norway, but with the intentions to launch a long distance, and this indicates that the missile prepares for adoption

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