Russia tested the latest missile of the national missile defense system

The Russian military has tested the latest missile for the national missile defense system.

The tests were carried out at the Sary-Shagan test site in Kazakhstan. The launch was successful. This indicates that the newest missile could well be used to hit targets in the form of ballistic missiles and spacecraft.

On the video frames, you can see the process of preparing the rocket of the national missile defense system for testing and the launch itself. After the rocket was placed in the launch shaft and all its systems were successfully debugged, the rocket itself was launched. Experts pay attention to the incredible acceleration of the rocket already when it leaves the mine.

In just a few seconds, the rocket covered a distance of several kilometers and disappeared behind the clouds. Thanks to this speed, it becomes quite obvious that even ballistic missiles flying at great speed can be successfully intercepted.

The Russian side regularly tests missiles for missile defense systems. This indicates that great attention is being paid to such weapons, especially against the backdrop of instability in relations between Moscow and Washington in recent years.


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