Russia has tested the latest radar in the Arctic - no country in the world has this

The Russian military experienced an innovative radar in the Arctic, which does not exist anywhere else.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation tested the unique Sopka-2 track radar in the Arctic, which has no analogues in the world. The unique development of Russian scientists makes it possible to detect the coordinates of enemy aircraft with the highest accuracy when trying to get closer to the Russian borders, while the radar successfully works with air defense systems, which makes it possible to strike at targets even if air defense radars do not see them.

“The military tested the Sopka-2 track radar in the Arctic. Calculations found the coordinates of enemy aircraft that flew with the transponders turned off. The aircraft of the Air Force and Air Defense Army of the Eastern Military District acted as violators. To complicate the task of calculations, the aircraft maneuvered, changed the speed and flight level. What kind of aircraft resisted the anti-aircraft gunners is not specified. In the Arctic, Russian anti-aircraft gunners can theoretically deal with the American B-1B, B-52 and B-2 Spirit. ”- reports edition ""

It should be clarified that a few months earlier the U.S. Air Force did work out the tasks of delivering strikes, probably we are talking about the use of nuclear weapons across Russia, having flown to its borders through the Arctic, which, obviously, forced Russia to use the radar in this region, now finally blocking any unauthorized flights in this direction.