Russia has tested in Syria the combat laser "Relight" - the first drone has already been shot down

Russia tested in Syria its combat laser complex "Relight".

Russia is actively testing its latest weapons in Syria, and after testing the Armata T-14 tank, Russia sent its Peresvet combat laser system to Syria, which successfully passed the tests by shooting down a reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle in the sky above the south western part of Syria.

“Beam weapons seem to have become the main character in science fiction. However, recently there was news that a Russian beam-beam weapon had shot down an Israeli drone. On May 27, Israeli military aircraft suddenly struck the Golan Heights in southwestern Syria, and a Syrian soldier was unfortunately killed. It turned out that on the same day, Israeli aircraft went to the Syrian border for reconnaissance. The Syrian army was afraid of subsequent Israeli air strikes and launched anti-aircraft missiles to prepare for the downing of the aircraft. Suddenly, Russia's secret weapon was also behind this incident. It turned out that the camera of the drone sent by the Israeli military that day did not show signs of missiles and anti-aircraft gun launches. "The drone was shot down over Syrian territory without warning. The Israeli side suspected Russian weapons with beam particles," - Sina Military reports.

It should be clarified that at the end of May, information about flights of a large number of Israeli aircraft near the Syrian border did appear, while it was reported that, under unknown circumstances, the Israeli army reconnaissance UAV was actually lost. However, to date, there are no official statements from the Russian Ministry of Defense about testing the Peresvet combat laser system in Syria.

everything can be. because no one believed in the reality of atomic Poseidons, but they are already undergoing tests, and no one believed in hypersound ...

and on the net they already write that they all “resurrected” and even work. whom exactly the Turks shot down on a drunken head remained a mystery.

You forgot to say how many LNA shot these drones before losing the Carapace. So do not criticize so categorically. And any student knows no matter what weapon you have, it is important who controls it. And there’s one thing but .... these Shells should be provided with protection / cover, layered air defense, if not, then this is an LNA problem, but nothing to do with Russian weapons.

Come on, what difference does it make, Russia is not an enemy for Ukraine anyway.

Something can not be believed at all.

We found something to brag about, Shells also boasted, making sure that the Turks peered like seeds.