Russia has tested unique UAV systems "Orion" and "Walker" in Syria

Unique unmanned systems have been tested in Syria.

Despite the fact that Russia does not advertise the use of its weapons in Syria, the news agency learned that the unique Orion and Pacer unmanned aerial vehicle systems were tested in the Arab Republic. It is known that these drones have delivered numerous strikes with the use of corrected ammunition.

According to the data at the disposal of the editorial office, the guidance and adjustment of strikes by Russian drones were carried out using the Strelets-M reconnaissance, control and communications systems. The use of the latter became known about two years ago, however, that the KRUS "Strelets-M" was used in conjunction with the drones "Orion" and "Walker" became known only now.

It is known that the Strelets-M systems, together with the latest domestic drones, have been used several dozen times, which aroused serious interest in the Russian defense department.

Earlier it became known that Russia is actively using drones in Syria, regularly striking jihadist positions in the northern, northwestern and central parts of Syria.