Rocket Product 305


Is Russia testing Product 305 cruise missiles in Syria?

The latest Russian cruise missiles "Product 305" could be tested on terrorists in Idlib.

The active appearance of the Russian Ka-52 attack helicopters over the Syrian province of Idlib may be associated with strikes against pro-Turkish jihadists using the latest domestic guided missiles, under the name "Product 305". To date, this missile is just available only for Ka-52 helicopters and will soon appear in service with Mi-28N helicopters.

About a day ago, two Ka-52 helicopters of the Russian Aerospace Forces were spotted over Idlib, which could well strike with "Product 305" cruise missiles, since these missiles are precision weapons and have the ability to successfully strike at a variety of targets at distances of up to 14,5, XNUMX kilometers (in controlled mode).



“Russian fighters and bombers, of course, inflict much more damage on the militants. After the main forces of the pro-Turkish terrorists successfully fled to the northern regions of Idlib, the Russian military needs to thoroughly cleanse the areas with the remaining militant gangs, destroy armored vehicles and fortifications, which will allow the SAA forces to quickly capture the region. ", - the expert marks.

It should be noted that there are no official statements regarding the use of missiles called "Product 305" in Syria, but given that all the latest Russian weapons are being tested in the Arab Republic, it is likely that the Russian Aerospace Forces are already successfully using these missiles against militants.