Russia has radically changed the concept of nuclear strikes: now all countries are under the gun

Russia has radically changed the concept of a nuclear strike against potential adversaries.

Amid growing confrontation between Russia and NATO, it became known that Moscow has radically changed the concept of delivering a nuclear strike against a potential enemy. According to the data presented, now any ballistic missile flying in the direction of Russia is an occasion for an instant nuclear strike.

“Russia can deliver a retaliatory nuclear strike if a ballistic missile is launched in the direction of our country. It doesn’t matter which nuclear warhead is installed on it - nuclear or conventional. Such standards are contained in the new Framework for State Policy on Nuclear Deterrence. They were a response to the US tricks in the field of arms. On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the State Policy Framework for Nuclear Deterrence. Among the threats that are spelled out in the document, mention is made of the deployment by countries that consider Russia a possible adversary, missile defense (missile defense), ballistic missiles, hypersonic weapons ”- reports the publication "Sight".

It should be clarified that previously only direct aggression was considered an occasion for a retaliatory nuclear strike, i.e., a direct attack by the enemy, however, obviously, Russia decided to change its approach and deliver a preemptive strike to a potential enemy.

Experts do not exclude that the new concept is also an occasion to put pressure on the United States in the framework of the ending Strategic Offensive Arms Treaty (START-3), from which Washington will almost certainly try to get out.


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