Russia massively deploys helicopters to northern Syria

Syrian sources report a mass transfer of Russian helicopters to northern Syria.

According to Syrian sources, Russian military helicopters are moving to the northern part of Syria, namely, to the north of the Syrian province of Aleppo. On the presented video frames, you can see that, indeed, we are talking about a very large number of helicopters, among which, allegedly, there are also Ka-52 attack and reconnaissance helicopters. The reason for this, allegedly, is the intention to counteract the Turkish ground military operation.

“Video of the redeployment of Russian aviation to the north of the province of Aleppo in Syria against the backdrop of a possible Turkish ground operation against the Kurds”, - said in the message and the video attached to it.

There are currently no official comments from the command of the Russian Aerospace Forces grouping in Syria. However, over the past week, in the north of Syria, local residents have recorded high activity of the Russian military. In particular, ground movements of Russian troops were reported, and flights of a large number of helicopters were also recorded.

It is noted that if Russian troops are present in northern Syria, then Erdogan is unlikely to be able to launch a military operation, which is already delayed by six days from the moment it was announced.


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