Russia massively transfers military equipment and weapons to the city of Ain Issa besieged by militants

Russia transferred at least 20 pieces of military equipment to Ain Issa.

A few hours ago, an source in Syria reported that a convoy of Russian military equipment, consisting of at least 20 military trucks and armored personnel carriers, moved to the area of ​​the Syrian city of Ain Issa, which is currently under heavy siege by jihadists. This information was later confirmed by the Kurdish Rojava Network.

A large number of army trucks can be seen in the presented video frames, however, an ambulance and two armored personnel carriers BTR-82A were also seen in the convoy.

One of the probable reasons for the transfer of additional units of the RF Armed Forces to Ain Issu is a probable new provocation by the jihadists, and, judging by the amount of military equipment deployed to the north of Syria, the total number of Russian servicemen in Ain Issu can now reach 500-600 people.

At the moment, the further fate of Ain Issa is under a very big question, however, Russia and Syria have confirmed their commitment to defend this region in the event of an attack by Turkey or jihadists, even despite the fact that the local population refused to transfer the territory under the control of the CAA.