Russia could use hypersonic weapons for the first time in Syria

For the first time, Russian hypersonic weapons could be used to strike jihadists.

A few days ago in Syria, in the territory controlled by jihadists in the province of Idlib, a powerful explosion thundered. Initially, it was assumed that it could be a strike with the Krasnopol corrected ammunition, later it was suggested that the Russian Lancet drone was operating, however, a third version of a powerful explosion appeared, which completely destroyed the terrorists' facilities.

Experts assess the likelihood of using the Krasnopol corrected ammunition and the Lancet drone as unlikely, since there are no nearby positions from which the Krasnopol could strike, and given the terrain, the Lancet kamikaze drone would almost certainly have been noticed.

At the same time, experts draw attention to the fact that the force of the explosion at the terrorists' facilities was so great that they were destroyed to the ground, and the nearby equipment was simply boldly blasted by a shock wave, against the background of which another assumption was put forward - a strike on the positions jihadists could have been inflicted by the Russian Hermes hypersonic missile system.

According to official data, the ground-based complex is capable of hitting targets at distances of up to 100 kilometers, and taking into account the need to test this weapon, it could well be delivered to Syria, especially since at its hypersonic speed, the missile has tremendous impact energy, which could cause such a huge explosion.