Russia may transfer to Ukraine the bodies of Ukrainian soldiers killed in the Il-76 crash

The Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation, Tatyana Moskalkova, expressed hope for the speedy transfer to Ukraine of fragments of the bodies of Ukrainian soldiers killed in the crash of the Russian Il-76 military transport aircraft, shot down by Ukrainian forces over the Belgorod region on January 24.

According to Moskalkova, contacts on this issue with his Ukrainian colleague Dmitry Lubinets have already taken place, which gives grounds for optimism regarding the speedy implementation of this initiative. However, the exact timing of the transfer of the remains has not yet been specified.

“There were contacts; we spoke with him on February 29. We hope that fragments of the bodies of Ukrainian servicemen who died as a result of a missile attack from Ukraine will be handed over in the near future. We never give any information about the timing.”, - said Moskalkova.

Moskalkova emphasized that Russia is fully prepared to take the actions necessary to implement this humanitarian gesture.


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