Russia can sell weapons to bypass US sanctions

Russia has found a way to sell weapons in circumvention of US sanctions.

The United States of America, by imposing sanctions on countries that buy weapons from Russia, at the same time shows how such restrictions can be circumvented. After analyzing the American experience, the Russian government has developed a scheme based on re-exports, which the US used to sell weapons to terrorist groups in Syria. The services of Bulgaria, Croatia and Saudi Arabia were used for this.

The Vedomosti newspaper reported that it was possible to achieve results by simplifying the procedure for selling Russian weapons. Third countries no longer have to provide Russia with an end-user certificate. This document is evidence that the weapon was purchased from Russia, and is a guarantee that it will not be resold further.

As a result of simple actions, the formal supplier, not the producing country, but the direct supplier assumes formal responsibility for the further fate of the weapon.

In the explanatory note of the government relating to the decree №586, adopted 10 May 2019, states that the need for the adoption of this document was due to the fact that the countries concluding transactions with Russia directly fell under the sanctions of the United States.

In conclusion, we can give an example when Washington threatened to impose sanctions on Egypt in case it acquires Su-35 fighters from Russia.