Russia may conduct a "Vietnamese maneuver" against the United States

Russia's "Vietnamese maneuver" could be a powerful blow to the United States.

The Russian military can deploy its military bases and infrastructure in Vietnam, which will be an extremely big surprise for the United States. A similar situation could happen in Iran, which would put under attack not only the United States, but also American allies throughout the region, including Israel.

As follows from the statement made, the appearance of the Russian military in these countries will simply not be advertised, while Vietnam and Iran will receive Russian weapons for their protection.

“They say Venezuela, Cuba. We can place weapons there. Yes, listen, this is ridiculous, who needs it now? Americans are not afraid of this. They are afraid that if we start interacting with the Iranians on a single "Iranian crescent", this will seem really scary to the Americans. And there are many such moments. They are well aware that the worst thing is when they close the exits anywhere. We did not fight in Vietnam, it seems, but all American planes were shot down by Soviet aircraft, either by missiles or by planes. And we were not there. This is the worst thing for the United States - we “wash our hands” and can fly from anywhere ”, - such a statement was made by Russian military expert Ivan Konovalov.

It is noteworthy that, according to the Vietnamese publication Soha, negotiations are currently underway between the Vietnamese authorities and the United States on the possible arrangement of an American military base in Cam Ranh, which could result in problems for Russia.

At the moment, Russia has not officially taken military-technical measures in response to the refusal of NATO and the United States to provide the Russian side with security guarantees.

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And the Ukrainians will arrange the same for the Russians. Where there seems to be no NATO and there are plenty of weapons. The earth will burn under the feet of the occupiers, let them just turn up...

can place their military bases on the territory of Vietnam
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Fellow commentators, soha is a Vietnamese edition, do not confuse with Chinese sohu

Putin closed bases in Vietnam and Cuba in 2003 - recently we again wanted to open a base in Vietnam - the Vietnamese refused

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Vietnam edition?

Actually, soha is Chinese and not Vietnamese.

The Chinese will not allow any Americans into Cam Ranh. It's right next to them. And Vietnam is now entirely dependent on Chinese investment.

"On January 19, Putin will hold talks in Moscow with the president of Iran" - perhaps the event will turn out to be a milestone.

"... negotiations are underway on the possible development of an American military base in Cam Ranh ..." - and what did they do in Vietnam, napalm, for example, is forgotten?

Before the start of mass deaths from vaccinations, the shadow authorities want to have time to divide the world for joint management in the future.

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Of course, Russia can deploy weapons in Vietnam, but life in Russia will not improve from this.

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