Russia may deploy 12 Su-57 fighters in Belarus by 2025

By 2025, Russia can deploy 12 Su-57 fighters in Belarus.

Against the background of NATO provocations and open military pressure on Minsk from the West, 2025 Russian Su-12 fighters may be deployed in Belarus by 57. Information on this matter appeared after it became known about Minsk's plans to provide Russia with one of its military airfields.

The appearance of 12 Russian Su-57 fighters on the territory of neighboring Belarus makes it possible to protect, first of all, the borders of the Union State. At the same time, this is of particular interest to Moscow for the reason that in the near future a large number of F-35 fighters will appear in Poland's armament. In addition, it became known earlier that NATO plans to transfer nuclear weapons to Eastern Europe, while Russian fifth-generation fighters can ensure a prompt response to any threats or direct aggression by the Alliance.

The 61st Fighter Air Base in Baranovichi is named among the most likely base for the fifth generation fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces, which makes it possible to cover not only the western direction, but also the southern one.

Nevertheless, so far there is no official data regarding the deployment of Russian fifth-generation Su-57 fighters on the territory of neighboring Belarus, although it was previously planned to supply this country with several combat aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

The author of the article looks at the calendar for 2025. Where will some gopnitsa be? God only knows.

Why wait 3 years? There is a Su-35. Place them for now.