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Russia began to massively transfer tanks, MLRS, air defense and military to the border with NATO

Russia can increase the size of its army on the western borders up to 500 thousand people.

At the moment, about 100 Russian servicemen and thousands of military equipment are deployed on the border between Russia and Ukraine, however, footage of a large-scale transfer of military equipment from the eastern part of Russia towards the western borders is actively published on the Web. This indicates that Russian troops are on full alert against the background of a very high risk of attack from NATO.

Given the scale of the transfer of military equipment, we can talk about building up Russian troops on the border with NATO and Alliance partners up to 500 thousand people. This means that most of the Russian troops will be in this direction.

On the presented video frames, made in different parts of the country, one can see numerous echelons with a wide variety of military equipment - tanks, multiple launch rocket systems, light armored vehicles, engineering vehicles, military trucks, field artillery, etc. Judging by the numerous publications on the Web, in At the moment, dozens of echelons with equipment and military personnel are moving towards the borders of Russia and NATO.

Previously, it was assumed that the military equipment transferred to the western part of Russia would be deployed on the border with Ukraine because of the risk that the Armed Forces of Ukraine could attack both the Donbass and Crimea. It appears that Russian troops will be deployed to numerous military field camps along the entire western border and, more likely,even on the border of neighboring Belarus with Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

The reason for this is the refusal of the US and NATO to negotiate security and, apparently, the measures taken by Russia will be really tough, although it is clear that the key goal of the Russian military is to protect the country's borders.

Do the right thing and do what they can to help.

Do you think about why they are so openly transferring equipment to the West without even covering it with a tarpaulin?
Maybe then it will come what happens

Our people do not take courage - examples in history. And with a pen, and with a "sword".

Now the 41st year is coming

in 1941, people like you also insisted that no one would attack the Country. who out of stupidity, and who on assignment. and how are you?

Well, you take up arms and go to defend the Motherland like everyone else. Or are you better at writing?

Have you forgotten about Alaska? .. There is the USA and Canada. There is no need to talk about Western countries. Moreover, Finland and Sweden have gathered in NATO. So our military is doing everything right, well done!

The Chinese Airborne Forces have been transferred to the Black Sea to enter from the south through Odessa and Nikolaev. Ukraine will never join NATO and the EU. This is RUSSIAN LAND.

When people become poor, they must be frightened and convinced that foreigners want to seize their poverty.
The minimum wage in Russia from 2022 is $ 180,
Honduras smokes on the sidelines - Minimum wage Varies by sector and number of employees from $292,27 to $554,57

Studded wheels on the drive and normul, not weak.

hahahaha. Well, what are the borders of NATO? There are only 30 participating countries. And even more partners. This is if only for the company of the construction battalion. Where do we have these borders with NATO. Che, I don’t remember that the Russian Federation bordered on Canada, for example))

By the way, the Chinese are also going to help protect Russia's borders from NATO.

Well, the Chinese will take Siberia without firing a shot.

What will we fight with trucks? Weak somehow.



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