Russia began to massively transfer fighters and missile systems to the Kaliningrad region due to NATO threats

Russia began to pull combat aircraft and missile systems into the Kaliningrad region.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation made a decision on the need to transfer Su-30 fighters and coastal missile systems "Bal" and "Bastion" to the Kaliningrad region. According to the editors of the news agency, such actions are due to the concentration of NATO forces near the borders of the Russian Federation, as well as the additional deployment of F-35 fighters near the Russian borders.

It is known that the final decision on the transfer of the Bal and Bastion coastal missile systems to the Kaliningrad region has not yet been made, but an additional batch of Su-30SM fighters will indeed be promptly deployed to this region.

“Strengthening the Western Military District has been declared a priority against the backdrop of NATO's activation and large-scale exercises near Russian borders, as well as the arrival of new fighters, including the F-35, into service with European countries. In addition to the delivery of an additional batch of Su-30SM, the decision on which has already been made, the issue of deploying the Bal and Bastion coastal complexes in the Kaliningrad region is being considered. There is no final decision on this issue yet ", - informs "Telegram" - the "BelVPO" community.

A little earlier it became known that Russia raised a Su-35 fighter into the skies over the Baltic Sea to intercept the American fifth-generation F-35 fighter.

There is not a word in the article about "planned" re-equipment.
On the contrary, it is underlined - "in response to NATO threats"!

Sasha, you need to read more carefully.
The news article goes under the sauce "Everything is lost, everything is lost ... Russia is building up its strike force in Kaliningrad"!
Although everything is according to the plan, about which the "western partner" has been notified ...

And where is the "tear" ...? Just information about the planned movement.

It's just that the planned rearmament of the Baltic Fleet is underway ...
Naturally, the Su-27s are being replaced by the more modern Su-30SM.
Ball and Bastion are being delivered in accordance with the plans of the Ministry of Defense to the Pacific Fleet, to the Crimea, to the Northern Fleet, to the Arctic, and of course to the Kaliningrad region.
Why broadcast about this with anguish, this is old news ...



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